Human Resources provides a very high-level, high-touch approach when servicing our clients. You will have access to a certified, on-site Human Resource professional. We are available to consult with you on a broad spectrum of topics as they relate to payroll, compliance, benefits and HR policies and procedures. Here is an example of what we offer:

On-site HR Consulting: regular meetings to discuss the company’s ideas/needs.

Employee Handbook: establishes compliant, consistent employee policies.

Progressive Counseling: training on how to address conduct, performance and attendance scenarios as they arise, specifically how to approach and document these instances.

Employee Improvement Plans: defines clear expectations with a timeline for improvement.

Harassment Investigations: collect factual information and provide recommendations.

EEOC Investigations: in the event you are served with an employee complaint from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, we will assist with the investigation process.

Management Training: covering topics such as Progressive Counseling, Harassment and Diversity. These trainings can be customized to be industry specific, where necessary.

HR Forms and Documents: to streamline best practices and to reinforce the documentation process.

ADA Interactive Process: addresses timeframes and accommodations for instances involving employees that have temporary or permanent disabilities that may be protected by the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Gap Analysis: demonstrates gaps in current processes and suggests best practices to institute.

Compensation Planning: provides salary range by industry and locale.

Recruiting Assistance: per your defined expectations of an applicant, we provide assistance with job posting, screening, and the interviewing process.

Job Description Creation: which documents a formal account of job responsibilities and sets proper expectations for your employees.