Workers' Comp & EPLI partners with the leaders in the industry to provide the most comprehensive approach to both Workers’ Compensation Insurance (WC) and Employer Protection Liability Insurance (EPLI).

Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ Compensation Insurance is coverage for your employees in the event of an injury on-the-job. Owning your policy allows you to be instrumental in structuring its features. For example, adding safety topics in your employee meetings can save you money on your policy as well as in the long run, as you will have a more educated workforce. These policies have a “pay-as-you-go” feature, dividend plans are available (where applicable), and you will have access to an on-site, licensed Property and Casualty consultant. Your partnership with facilitates enjoying the benefits of running a company with good experience.

Employer Protection Liability Insurance (EPLI)
Employer Protection Liability Insurance is coverage for the business to decrease the out of pocket expense in the event of a claim of wrongful termination. There are a variety of employment-related claims that address the violation of an employees’ civil rights or their ability to perform their jobs in an acceptable and fair working environment. Some of the following categories might include: discrimination (based on sex, age, race, religion, and other factors), retaliatory workplace, and harassment (of any kind) in the workplace. In conjunction with running a good company with consistent policies and best practices, EPLI acts as an additional “layer” of protection in the event a claim of this nature is made.